[ArmA] Patch 1.05 soll am 02. März kommen

Im BI-Forum wurden neue Infos zum Patch 1.05 gepostet. Laut Bohemia kommt der Patch leider nicht mehr im Februar, der neue Termin ist jetzt der 02.03. Schauen wir mal ob dann endlich der “Didecated Server BUG” gefixt ist.

Infos im BI-Forum

Patch 1.05
Before the end of February we plan to release a new patch 1.05 for all editions of ArmA that will ensure an internationally unified game environment. The patch will also improve various aspects of the game for the existing users, including:

* reworked and improved multiplayer game browser screen
* improved Voice over Net
* dedicated server platform underwent big stability and performance improvement
* ability to turn off grass in video options and grass flattened around soldiers for improved visibility.
* visually improved and smoother LOD switching
* various performance and stability optimizations
* new modern style GPS device displaying small map on top of game view in some situations for easier navigation
* support for more keyboard shortcuts to actions
* generally improved AI (including driving and combat)
* new content: Su-34 Fighter and Su-34 Bomber, TT650 and M1030 military motorcycles, AKS74PSO, KSVK, M107 and M16A4
* and more…

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