[ArmA РMultiplayer] Marschbefehl Osterman̦ver

Moin, Moin!

Wie sieht es morgen mit einem kleinen Ostermanöver aus? Uhrzeit bin ich flexibel, ich hab eh Bereitschaft und bin daheim. Würde mal 17:00 Uhr in den Raum werfen.

Bitte auf http://www.diepuschel.net/?p=81 kurze Rückinfo posten.


##### Server- & Coop-Infos #####

Datum: 09.04.07
Uhrzeit: 17:00 Uhr
Mission: OOPS_City_Take_Paraiso_(co14).Sara.pbo
Slots: 12
Bestätigte Teilnehmer: Panxatony, Al-Raider (Willibaldi), Holger (Jossi1)
Notwendige Addons: keine

ArmA Server: [Die Puschel] ArmA Server (wird von mir eingerichtet)
Login-Kennwort: Mammut (Achtung: Server ist schon auf 1.05 gepatcht)
Teamspeak Server: / Channel: Armed Assault


##### Infos zu der Mission und Downloadpfad #####

Mission Version 1.1 by Tophe of Ostgota Ops [OOPS]
Contact and bugreports: harlechin@hotmail.com


  1. Urban Patrol Script 1.8 by Kronzky
  2. Revive Script 1.58 by Doolittle, PRiME, Gnat, Hailo and ZoneKiller.

Download OOPS_City_Take_Paraiso_(co14).Sara.pbo

Mission Briefing

Enemy forces are trying to push us off the island.
They are currently holding the city of Paraiso.

We have two teams ready to go in and clean out the city of any enemy elements. You will deploy from our airfield base northwest of Paraiso. All the resources needed to complete this engagement are available on site.

Read notes for further instructions on the use of provided medevac chopper


You will be able to use the two choppers by the hospital for quick evacuation of any wounded or pinned down soldiers.The enemy will not engage these choppers.

However, the convention between our two nations demands that no weapons will be taken in or out of the choppers. Your equipment will be removed and you may collect it at the field hospital back at the base.

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